Grifols Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.

Grifols Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.


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About Us

Grifols' mission is to improve the health and well-being of patients around the world. This mission is accomplished by producing plasma-derived medicines for patients who face conditions that may be life-threatening and by providing hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life.

Our four divisions, Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital, and Bio-Supplies develop, produce, and market products and services around the world.

Grifols continues to set the standard for quality, safety, and innovation.

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  • Comprehensive transfusion medicine portfolio aimed at enhancing the safety and sustainability of blood products
  • Advanced nucleic acid screening tests that shorten the period from infection to detection
  • Over 80% of the U.S. blood supply is screened using Grifols technology
  • Commitment to emerging infectious disease response: Rapid development of assays to screen for Zika virus, Babesia, etc.
  • Compatibility and Pretransfusion testing to ensure precisely matched blood from donor to patient