Senior Housing Relief for Elders

Senior Housing Relief for Elders


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About Us


Our vision is a future where all seniors have access to affordable housing that allows them to thrive in the later years of their lives.
By 2029, 20% of seniors will require physical assistance due to their health, but an estimated 8 million seniors won’t be able to afford their annual living costs. A senior who is healthy and independent today, with just enough income to meet expenses, may one day need the assistance and community that senior housing provides. But that senior’s cost of living will increase dramatically, and if the money runs out, what then? The burden falls on family and friends to either become that caregiver or provide financial assistance.

The burden, too, ultimately falls on our seniors, who deserve care and community. We must find a way to assist our seniors now to ensure they are safe and cared for without putting unnecessary strain on their loved ones.